1.3kw Solar Panels PV to heat water directly

So what I did for now DC 120-volt open-circuit 104 vote under low at 8.2 for amps and here’s the Missouri wind and solar DC thermostat it’s going to heat it up a little bit to temperatures the 104 degree shot off one but I don’t think it’s going to shut off its keep on Arkin so here we go so you can hear its arguing and see the blue bark in there but it’s not shutting off just unable to shut off so you can see the eight amps is still going there’s still connection it’s trying to shut off what it is not possible [Applause] we’re at and 31 [Music] one hundred sixty three hundred sixty three degree that it got up to and it’s still not able to shut off and I think it fuse the plate together so now it’s not even trying to shut off anymore and it’s super hot so it’s not working not at 120 volt DC and I can’t afford a really expensive DC relay the good DC we lay are like $250 to $300 for a good high voltage DC relay so basically right now.

I just left I took the thermostat out and just run it directly to the elements so really simple solo directly to element let it heats up the how does a tankless water heater work for my experience on a good day perfectly sunny day my system will do my panels will output about five kilowatts on a good day and five kilowatts will heat the 40 gallons of water from 65 degree to 120 degree max and so far my water has been getting around on a good day getting it around 115 120 I know that there’s no way to prevent there’s no way for the solar to shut off automatically now that’s not what I wanted it I wanted it to have a thermostat so where if the water get hot enough it will shut itself off but as of right now I haven’t figured out a solution how to do that yet but right now I’m just rely relying on this relief valve a safety valve that built into the tank if the tank get too hot or overpressure that’s going to relieve the pressure and then you know let some of the hot water out so as you can see right here they remember the reason.

Why I got this meter is that it it gives you the total wattage so right there eight thousand three hundred and thirty-one watts and has been running for three days and four hours basically what happened is I had this thing running for about two weeks now but the power went out the other day and this thing require a power supply and I had it plug into a wall adapter for the power supply so the the the basically when there’s no power no grid power the power meter turned off which is kind of stupid but that’s I haven’t figured a way how to go around that but this thing needs to be need to remain power the whole time otherwise when it loses power you won’t remember previous value so that’s going to reset itself so that’s what it did resets and it forgot everything so basically three days and it’s only doing eight kilowatt that’s because we’ve been having a whole week of two or three days of completely complete overcast so wasn’t much power coming in but today finally the Sun comes out and we got good power.

Today so 950 watts and it will stay at 950 watt starting about 11:00 a.m. until like 2 to 2 or 3 p.m. then it start you know slowing down and dying down again but that’s how much you get so 5 kilowatts a day heats the water pretty good enough for 2 to 3 people um and if it’s a cloudy day then the water doesn’t get hot enough on the top and that’s where the grits come in and give it another thousand watts and now heats the water up and keep it up but so far it’s working great so if you have any questions just leave me some comments and what I say this is the most efficient way to to and probably the most cost-effective to because the tank the tank cost me three hundred and twenty dollars the solar panels they 320 watts each and I bought four of them so that’s six hundred dollars so plus the tank plus the univac plus all of the water in you know I’m anywhere I think I was about eleven hundred dollars in it into the whole system including the tank but you can’t really factor in the tank because the tank you know it was needed to be replaced anyway.

So if you don’t factor in the tank the whole solar side of it only cost me about eight nine hundred dollars so that’s pretty good and I figure out probably going to get my my money back for the solar stuff probably in about a year to a year and a half and I’ll get my solar money back so hopefully everything can work out for the long run but I can’t really see why anything would stop working because it’s very simple solar panels going to your disconnects block go through the wire going into here another disconnects which go right into the tank nothing else nothing else can fail except the solar panels well maybe the the heating elements but you know that’s going to be a few years at least so any question just let me know thanks for watching you.

Solar Water Heater System: Why You Should Build Your Own!

In todays world, investing in a solar water heater system may be one of the greatest investments that you can make, that is, if you want to go solar. Currently, the pricing for solar hot water systems are pretty expensive, so you will save a lot more money (as much as 33%), especially on your monthly electricity bill, if you choose to build a solar panel yourself instead of buying one that is already built with an expensive price tag on it.

One of the major benefits to building your own heater is that the source that it receives it fueling from, the sun, is free and has been made available for millenniums for anybody (including the plants and trees) to use and consume. As you may already know, heat comes naturally from the sun, so when the sun shines down on anything, it will absorb heat from that object (and vice versa).

If you dont believe me, put a bowl of water outside for a minute (on a warm and sunny day), and see the effects that the sun will have on the water. Just like that bowl of water, a solar water heater system has been designed to allow sunlight to heat the water while at the same time allowing as little heat as possible to escape. Because of this, a solar heater can work efficiently even when outside temperatures are freezing.

There are a variety of ways that you can build a solar heater, and the easiest option may be in the form of a: batch water heater. These types of heaters are made by the same materials that you can buy at a hardware store in your local neighborhood (i.e. Home Depot). With the batch designs, you can design a do-it-yourself heater that is created based upon the specifications and needs that you desire for your household.

With a batch heater, it uses a water tank that can heat up your home using the solar energy from the sun. The water tank should be connected to the plumbing system that is located in your house, just so you know. However, you may have to be creative, as you want to maximize the potential for your water to be heated by the sun.

To maximize the benefits of the solar water heater system for your home, you will want to paint your water tank in a black-matte color, since we all know that black absorbs light (and heat) better than any other color out there. The black paint will prove useful, as it allows the water tank to absorb and hold all the heat that is available. If you want insulation, you may want to encase your batch heater in a glass box, since it will help to hold the heat inside of your household.

At the same time, however, if you are located in a cold place, the batch water heater is probably not the best pick for you. If the temperatures around you are normally below freezing, I would recommend that you not invest in a water batch system, and the reason I say this is because the constant cold air can make your water batch break apart.

Since I recommend you not build a batch heater, Id recommend that you learn how to build a closed loop solar water heater system, as your water will be constantly moving, which means that it will not have a chance to freeze over and destroy your tank. Unfortunately, it may take you a longer time to build a closed system, and you will have to exercise a higher level of plumbing expertise if you choose to build this type of system.

Last but not least, the greatest thing about these kinds of systems is that they will greatly reduce your electricity bills, and you can rest easily knowing that you are not destroying the environment now that you have gone green. The average price for building a do-it-yourself solar heater will be around $100-$300 (depending on your specifications), and it costs less than $50 a month to manage. This means that it may take only a month (or so) before you start seeing a return on the money that you have paid to built your project, instead of having to wait years when it comes to standard utility bill actually benefiting you.

Solar energy is becoming more attractive as people are going green and cutting down the costs of their electricity bills. If you dont mind paying 33% less on your utility bills each month, building your own Solar Water Heater System will save you more money while cutting down on your expenses, so wait no longer and get your DIY guide today!


When we consider of lavatory décor, most things come in your thoughts as there have been most elements that can be replaced. Many colors of walls and tiles that have a lavatory mount out upon tip of others. The capability to shift a lavatory vanities for great mood and uninformed feeling is regularly appreciated during home.

From opposite styles to colourful colors lavatory vanities have spin a focal indicate in home décor. They give a clever stroke upon a guest entrance to your residence and give them a worldly feel. It plays an critical purpose in home décor for a viewable character and elegance. Different styles have been a critical partial of vanities that consequence consideration. Find a right lavatory self-centredness if it is tricky, take a effort.

Bathroom vanities can assistance we in series of ways to décor your bathroom. If a vanities have been ideally befitting they will spin a executive indicate of your lavatory and have it an captivate indicate for all. In a same approach we contingency find vanities that locate everyones eye and inspires them to go for a remodeling of bathroom.

The cornerstone, have been forever accessible carrying opposite kinds of outcome upon a bathroom. With most possibilities, get up and emanate a stroke that is adorned nonetheless thespian in styles. It is, critical that morality and delectable demeanour is a best. Your Bathroom vanities routinely consists a countertop, mirror, and cabinets. This pattern fits in to roughly all decors.

These Bathroom vanities can be stained wood, embellished etc and a countertop can be any series of surfaces. The biggest value of starting with a some-more elementary indication is that it will give your room a kind of elementary magnificence that models that have been some-more glamorous competence lack. In further looks make a difference with tiny bathrooms too..

So if we wish to go with a singular model, we have choices. If we direct lavatory vanities that contingency be ornate, afterwards demeanour in to a tough timber countertop, and an typical sink, for an up scale feel. It is critical to be wakeful of a designs and ultimate styles of each square of seat we need. There are many toilets attached with vanities and they look perfect. Those toilets are mostly compact toilets. Check Compact Toilet Reviews on this amazing website. And if you need to buy some general toilet for bathroom, check best toilet buying guide here.

Bathroom vanities have been additionally fancy, with most brand new models to spin a little heads for most opposite reasons. A cosmetic opposite tip with a resplendent chrome piping will explain a lavatory with a unconventional look. Check a equipment prior to we take it home and equivocate shop-worn products if they have been sole upon fewer prices. The malfunctioned vanities do not final longer and can put we a large detriment in future.

Everybody redo their lavatory each right away and afterwards though it becomes costly as it includes shopping of most lavatory vanities. Bathroom includes a little seat and fixtures that contingency be of great peculiarity or else we need to shift it each time. It offers a probability to buy in bulk, during most appropriate prices. However, bonus vanities have been additionally accessible for indication we want. All models do not have discounts though if we buy them in bulk we competence get a little complicated discounts.

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Customer Service Satisfaction for All Nature of Business This afternoon,

I received a call from one of leading local bank in Singapore. This call was about phone survey conducted by bank [probably they hire independent surveyor] for their telemarketer serving customers via telephone. Surveyor conducted interview on me for service satisfaction by its telemarketer.

Rating numbers of 1 to 5 was given by surveyor to me in order to provide information about their service. I called the bank a day before as I wanted some clarification and confirmation about my balance transfer on its expiry date. As always, I was being served well. So for this service, I must be able to give number 4 rating as required by the surveyor.As such phone survey is the first time for me,

I shall take the conclusion that how important a customer satisfaction. Associated with the economy downturn that we are experiencing at this time, such a service then needs to be improved in capacity.I work Food and Beverage industry in demand is not only providing a good service but also offer the product value for money. Thus, hopefully that customer will still return even with a tight financial budget but probably reducing visits frequency.

The surveyor last question was about costumer expectations. There are 2 important things to me, and probably represent most of the costumers are; Firstly, I expect high standard of service offer such as welcome and friendly speaking by decorum and hospitality, and speak in ways on handling clients. Secondly, enable to accommodate costumer desire way to provide appropriate information.

Thus, institution must have skilled, trained and professional manpower. After reading above review, it should apply is not only for its bank, but also to any nature of services, including blog business. Customer satisfaction is a key for successful business that will have more repeat customers which later will create more profits.If you enjoy this post and intend to read more exciting articles in the future, please subscribe via RSSor follow me on my twitter?More Articles You May Like :