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Are you looking for a
low risk and unskilled business? Franchise might be a good consideration. Franchise
business grows with their concept, System Operation Procedure and brand or trade marks
which proven to be working. Why many of entrepreneurs turn into ‘franchise’ business to
boost their revenue nowadays? By taking franchise as theirbusiness foundation will reduce
time consuming on setting up the business and hassle free as reliable franchise have
strong back up system and support.

So, as franchisee no needs to worry about losing their
investment.As a franchisee, you are about running a guaranteed business as you will be
supported by franchiser through your goals achievement. There is no skills require taking
any franchise business, the only thing, you need to be 100 percent perform the SOP.

If you
have a bit background on what the preferable franchise it will be better.Franchise Gator
is a Microsoft Corporation Subsidiary, Franchise Gator UK, Golden House, 30 Great Pultney
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Franchise Gator’s UK Franchise and Business Opportunitiesis a franchise
directory company which providing complete possible information, such how to start
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ten franchise information how much the budget to be invest for every franchise category
and the profit forecast. Its will make you more comprehensive to start your own

For work style, Franchise Gator is the providing a great online business
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Customer Service Satisfaction for All Nature of Business This afternoon,

I received a call from one of leading local bank in Singapore. This call was about phone survey conducted by bank [probably they hire independent surveyor] for their telemarketer serving customers via telephone. Surveyor conducted interview on me for service satisfaction by its telemarketer.

Rating numbers of 1 to 5 was given by surveyor to me in order to provide information about their service. I called the bank a day before as I wanted some clarification and confirmation about my balance transfer on its expiry date. As always, I was being served well. So for this service, I must be able to give number 4 rating as required by the surveyor.As such phone survey is the first time for me,

I shall take the conclusion that how important a customer satisfaction. Associated with the economy downturn that we are experiencing at this time, such a service then needs to be improved in capacity.I work Food and Beverage industry in demand is not only providing a good service but also offer the product value for money. Thus, hopefully that customer will still return even with a tight financial budget but probably reducing visits frequency.

The surveyor last question was about costumer expectations. There are 2 important things to me, and probably represent most of the costumers are; Firstly, I expect high standard of service offer such as welcome and friendly speaking by decorum and hospitality, and speak in ways on handling clients. Secondly, enable to accommodate costumer desire way to provide appropriate information.

Thus, institution must have skilled, trained and professional manpower. After reading above review, it should apply is not only for its bank, but also to any nature of services, including blog business. Customer satisfaction is a key for successful business that will have more repeat customers which later will create more profits.If you enjoy this post and intend to read more exciting articles in the future, please subscribe via RSSor follow me on my twitter?More Articles You May Like :